Meet the Executive Committee

  • Hannah Horn, President
  • Bernie Talbot, Vice-President
  • John Mullane, Secretary
  • Ryan Burles, Treasurer

Meet the Directors

  • Ryan Burles, Black Ball Transport
    Transportation (ferries, air carriers, terminals – air and marine, shipping)
  • Bernie Talbot, I.L.W.U. Local 508
  • Bruce Hale, Prince of Whales
    Marine Tourism
  • Hannah Horn, Independent
  • John Mullane, Victoria West Community Association
    Community Associations/ Municipalities/ First Nations
  • Jon Secter, Secter Environmental Resource Consulting
  • Bruce Hale, Finest at Sea
    Member at Large

GVHA Directors

VEHS has two seats on the Board of the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority. VEHS representatives to the GVHA Board are elected by the VEHS members and must be members in good standing of VEHS.

  • Nick Banks
  • Ryan Burles